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  1. Ohio Survey of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Issues


  2. Dick_R Tracking C Flow during Methane Oxidation

      Tracking C Flow during Methane Oxidation into Methanotrophs using 13C-PLFA Labeling in Pulsing Hydrologic Freshwater Wetlands Funding Agency:  USEPA 

 Collaborator: William Mitch

 Ph.D. Student: Taniya Roy Chowdhury

 Microbial Ecology of Methanotroph ...

  3. urbanites

    improving the urban forest in a town near you. ...

  4. Flint ridge programs

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  5. Undergraduate Students

    At the School of Environment and Natural Resources, we want to make sure our students get the best experience possible. With our intimate size, dedicated faculty and staff, and outstanding academic opportunities both in the classroom and in the field, the ...

  6. Forest Operations & Products


  7. Future Students

    During the school year, we host students seeking information on our programs for individual visits.   We will partner you with one of our current ENR students.  Your day will be spent exploring our buildings, attending a class, and experiencing the life o ...